Tuesday, June 6, 2006

We are not attacked because we're in Iraq

Can it be any clearer that the undertow of fanaticism that flows through the Muslim religion is not based on the United States' actions in Iraq but rather a deep and abiding hatred for anything or anyone who does not follow the crazed and deeply disturbed ideology of Islam?

See NY Times story of Sunday June, 4, 2006 (requires free membership)

These extremists were planning to attack either the Parliament Building in Ottawa or the Provincial Parliament in Toronto with a 3-ton fertilizer bomb made with fuel oil and ammonium nitrate.

What is almost laughable about this article were two statements from an assistant commissioner of the Canadian Mounties Mike McConnell:

  • None of them had any known affiliation with Al Qaeda

  • "They represent the broad strata of our society"
While they may not have a known affiliation with Al Qaeda, they are obviously fellow-travelers of those who attacked us on 9/11 and have come from various countries around Iraq to fight democracy before it can take root.

To the notion that they come from a broad strata of Canadian society is absolutely ridiculous. I doubt very much that these men were integrated into the fabric of society of the Great White North. The one thread that is common is that indeed these are all Muslims and attend the same "Islamic Learning Center". In the story it reveals that training camps were found as well as related equipment that wouldn't exactly point to the likelyhood that these were law-abiding Canadians. Everything points to them being terrorists; and surprise, surprise, they're Muslim.

Go figure! I would have never guessed. You could knock me over with a feather...

What is interesting about this story is that they were prepared to attack Canada instead of America. This puts to rest the notion that we're targeted for destruction because we are in Iraq and Canada chose not to participate on this front in the war against IslamoFascism.

So, the idea that we should cut and run from Iraq and we'll no longer be targets of them going forward cannot be supported with this example.

I would submit that weakness is actually the characteristic that these fanatical Islamists pursue and attack. We cannot show weakness; we must be strong and we must defeat these psycho killers who clearly have a death wish. This is a wish that we must be willing to grant.