Monday, May 1, 2006

Give the City of Seattle a Dictionary…

Gregg Hirakawa, Grace Crunican (Director) and Greg Nickels (Mayor) all need to be taken to task for the News Advisory that the Seattle Department of Transportation put out on Friday that uses the term "citizen" for those who are planning to march in this demonstration on May 1st. Of course, the word "citizen" is used deliberately here as some liberal attempt to color the ongoing immigration debate. Accuracy in language is important and this is used in an attempt to lend more validity to this group's goals and it should be rebuffed.

If that weren't enough, they also use the term "Citizen" on their
website for what they call the "Citizen Inquiry Form". Memo to the City of Seattle. Not everyone that's a resident of the Emerald City is a citizen.

If you wish to send the City of Seattle a nasty-gram, here are the places you can go:

Citizen Inquiry Form"
Gregg Hirakawa (spokesperson)