Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Hasta Café Manager


Mr. Santiago has my respect for adhering to his principles in firing Mr. Wolfe after he failed to schedule anyone for work so that the employees could attend the immigrant rights rally in Seattle. This was an open and defiant act on Mr. Wolfe's part and when an employee openly defies their superior it undermines their credibility and authority. Managers are there to carry out the lawful will of the owner of any small business. Mr. Wolfe failed his employer.

Mr. Santiago has risked his treasure in these ventures and must spend much time away his family to see his investment grow. When a manager undermines the authority in this fashion, the owner has no recourse but to punish an insolent manager. The strongest punishment that Mr. Santiago could mete out was to fire his manager. I say Bravo!

It is my sincere hope that Mr. Santiago will stick to his principles and not bend to the will of those who would undercut his ownership rights unlike Laitala Enterprises who reversed their decision to fire workers who attended the previous rally without permission. Lord knows that operating any business in tax- and regulation-laden Seattle has enough challenges without open rebellion of supervisors and employees.